The inaugural performance of the Project/live/album: “Stanze Cinetiche” took place.

“Stanze Cinetiche” was conceived through the reworking of sound components extracted from magnetic tapes of refined avant-garde compositions, evolving via digital sound spatialization systems developed by the IRCAM institute in Paris, to form part of an entirely new and original sonic dialogue. The vintage sounds recorded on the tapes are transformed into timbral instruments to fuel the composer’s creativity. Many samples underwent processing and reworking through a Synclavier 3200 synthesizer, while additional electronic elements were specially composed using an original Buchla 200 series synthesizer and an EMS synth AKS.

To immerse the listener in a multi-point sound diffusion field necessary for spatialization, the artist also chose to create a unique quadraphonic and acousmatic system (Acousmonium ODAE), specifically crafted for these performances, transcending the concept of a “musical concert” by transporting the performance into a dimension where it can simultaneously be the creator and prey of its immersive component.

Few venues in the world would have been as perfect as the KIND Center for Contemporary Art in Berlin for this exhibition, given its connection to visual contemporary art. This connection is epitomized in this case by the Acousmonium ODAE, which is not only a sonic but also a visual work.