The “Acousmonium ODAE”  is a sound diffusion system designed and manufactured by Neuf Voix. It is entirely composed of electronic components from the 1970s, all of German production.

In total, it consists of 28 sound diffusion membranes, including: 12 tweeters dedicated to high frequencies (8 dedicated cones and 4 coaxial), 12 cones dedicated to mid-range frequencies, and 4 subwoofers for lower frequencies.

Each speaker is dedicated to a specific frequency range, allowing for extremely clean listening, highlighting the different timbres among the various speakers, which are then blended with those of all the other speakers, resulting in a uniquely unified listening experience.

Each component is replicated four times, configuring the system for perfectly balanced quadraphonic use. The components can also be positioned in different configurations depending on the desired outcome.

The structure supporting the round speakers is composed of aluminum tubes, similar to organ pipes.